Online Photos With Easter Bunny

Choose from 12 different backgrounds and frames.


It’s easy to do and there is no waiting in line. Kids can simply go to the mall website and click on the Photo With Easter Bunny icon. They pick their background and frame of choice and then upload any photo of themselves, or their family, or even the family pet. Instantly, kids will be able to download their Photo With Easter Bunny so they can print it at home, email it to all of their relatives, or they can upload it to Facebook and Instagram so they can share it with all of their friends. Each photo includes the name and age, as well as the mall logo.

How it works

We will provide a festive Jpeg image with an embeddable link so
you can upload it directly to your mall website homepage for users to access. It's that easy!

Click below to sample the live site

PRICE: $400
For more information or to order contact Brian Lehn at:
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