Online Enviro Coloring Storybook

Kids can have fun with these activities online, and with the custom version they can also download the Enviro Story Book to print and color at home.

Enviro Book

Standard ($400)

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Includes 24 pages of online coloring fun.
Easily uploaded to your website.

Enviro Book

Custom ($450)

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Includes your logo, with an embedded link to your website,
and various links to mall details and events.

Downloadable Storybook
Inside pages Inside pages

Includes Downloadable Coloring Storybook

The Custom Version also includes the Downloadable Coloring Story Book called “It’s Easy Being Green”. Kids can download the book and print at home. There are 16 pages of coloring fun that includes the mall logo on the cover and all inside pages.

For more information, or to order,
contact Brian Lehn: